Red Chalk, Working Large

Natural red chalk’s warmth and beauty have been a favorite tool of artists since the Renaissance. It is most often associated with drawings on an intimate scale as artists exploited its delicate effects. But modern pastels and Conte crayons allow artists to easily enlarge the scope of their designs offering an opportunity to create a monumental statement and a more physical artistic application. Follow along with Rob as he renders a large scale red chalk drawing from a live model while discussing materials, methods, tools, and technique during this two hour DVD. Model poses can be found through link at top of page and video excerpts can be found from the video links above.

The Classic Portrait

This four-hour video describes an approach to portrait painting based on a carefully organized plan involving clear steps from monochromatic underpainting to colored glazes. The first day is devoted to grisaille which establishes form and value and the second day focuses on color which adds life and vitality to the portrait. Artists from Raphael to Ingres would often work in these distinctly delineated stages resulting in paintings with both a radiant glow and strong form definition. The colors and mediums used in this video are all historical pigments and oils which were found on artists’ palettes as far back as the Renaissance and earlier. Exotic lapis lazuli and authentic vermillion together with mediums containing wax and leaded glass all play a role in creating a portrait that evokes the richness of classical portraiture. The model photos can be found at the link above. Also, video excerpts can be found from video link above.