Portrait​ Society Demo August 27th

Thanks to all who participated in figure/portrait Demo on Thursday, August 27th! It was a great way to raise money for The Portrait Society’s Ed Jonas Memorial Fund and what a great experiment having artists from around the world contribute. While we didn’t break the Guinness world record for the largest zoom class, we did have quite a crowd – around 1400 participants!

Our model, Celia, was a big hit and some participants requested photo references to continue drawing and painting her in her beautiful Pre-Raphaelite style outfit. Rob has provided a series of high-res images for those interested (see thumbnails below) for a model fee of $10. The link is https://robertliberace.com/celia-psa-photo-reference

For those who would like to participate in an online”exhibition” featuring work from the demo or from photos of the model, we’ve set up a Google Photo Gallery. The link is https://photos.app.goo.gl/vQ5srrJr1NjpsQen6
Once you have a Google account it’s easy to submit your work. Click the link and on the page that opens, click on the “Add photo” icon to the right of the shopping cart. It will bring up another page. Click on “select from computer” in the upper right. That will let you choose your work from your files. That’s it! We’ll leave this image gallery up for at least a month or two. Thank you and have fun and thanks again for all who participated!