Q. Does Rob have a list of rules for his workshops?

A.Yes, thanks for asking! Students participating in Rob’s classes must agree to the following rules:

1. Gamsol odorless solvent or Orange oil is allowed in class, but not turpentine or other high-odor solvents. Lids should be kept on all solvents when artists are not actively painting. (On travel workshops, solvent is usually provided to those who bring a small, securely lidded jar).

2. There will be absolutely no recording of Rob’s demos unless he expressly permits it (this includes the school). Photos of demos are allowed.

3. Students should not touch the model to correct the model’s pose. Only the teacher and assistants should help models adjust fabric, etc., if needed (or unless the model specifically asks).

4. Rob requires students to exhibit polite and respectful behavior. Students may not harass or disrespect others. Any examples of racist, sexist, derogatory, homophobic or otherwise unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated at any point. Disagreements can be taken up with the teacher or staff for mediation after class.

5. Students will refrain from behavior that distracts or impedes the view or space of other students (i.e., excessing stepping back, moving easels, etc.). Talking should be kept to a minimum during drawing/painting sessions and demos.

6. Though we will make every reasonable effort to ensure the safety of all participants, Liberace Studio or workshop facilitators are not responsible for injuries or health problems sustained by the student during the workshop or property stolen or damaged if left unattended in the classroom.

7. Students are expected to clean their work areas at the end of the day. Participants should wash and return their cups/dishes (if provided by the school) and dispose of garbage near their easels. Please ask if you’d like Rob to go over proper solvent disposal methods (no turpentine down sink) and brush cleaning (not allowed in every venue’s sinks).

Q. Can I take photos or videos in the class or workshop?

A. Rob is fine with people taking photos of his demos. No videos please unless permission is given. Students must have permission to take photos of the models and generally are charged $10 to take a photo of the pose. Make sure to discuss this with the model ahead of time. Please do not post photos of the class online unless it is cleared through Rob. In most cases he will not have a problem with it. Photos of the models should never be posted unless permission is clearly given by the model.

Q. Can I use turpentine as my solvent in class.

A. Only odorless mineral spirits such as Gamsol is allowed in class. Be advised that a few schools do not allow any mineral spirits at all; they will use an oil such as walnut instead. Rob will specify this on the supply list.

Q. Is it possible for me to use a medium other than what Rob is teaching the class?

A. Yes, any medium is fine. Rob will tailor his advice to whatever medium is being used.

Q. On average, how many students are there per class?

A. It all depends on the workshop host and the space in which the workshop is held. Rob usually has 20 at most and often less (except for classes at The Art League of Virginia, where he has two assistants who help out with the class). A travel workshop, if it is rare and the space allows may sometimes be slightly bigger but Rob will have an assistant.

Q. What level of experience do I need to take one of Rob's workshops?

A. Rob has been teaching for over 25 years and has experience with all different levels. He will challenge each student to improve their skills at every level.

Q. Can I bring my paints and art supplies on an airplane?

A. For the answer to this and more suggestions on traveling with art supplies, please see info near the bottom of the workshop supply lists page.