Rob’s paintings for the Principle Gallery Small Works show

It is always fun to see what comes out of Rob’s studio. This weekend he finished two small pieces for the Small Works show, opening at The Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia this Saturday, December 1st.

“Menippus”, inspired by the famous Velasquez painting of the ancient satirical philosopher at the Prado.  oil on canvas, 8″x10″

Surprised Satyr, a classic “capriccio” study inspired by Bellini’s mythological paintings. oil on panel, 11″x14″

Two of Rob’s portraits unveiled at Inova Fairfax Hospital

Rob just finished a portrait of Dr. Robert Cates, a critical care specialist and chairman of the emergency room at INOVA Fairfax Hospital in Fairfax, Virginia. The unveiling of the portrait, as well as the one Rob earlier painted of Dr. Thomas Wise, was unveiled yesterday at Fairfax Inova Hospital. Dr. Cates has such a jovial personality, that Rob decided to give his portrait a bit of the “Frans Hals” treatment.

It is kind of fun that the portraits will hang in the same hospital where both our daughters were born!

Rob’s work Featured in China’s Collections Magazine

In the 2018 Art Renewal Center Salon, Rob was honored to win the Collections Magazine Award. Editor Hongbin Zhang from the publication interviewed Rob and wrote an article which features his work. Rob is not sure where the “Realism is like eating” headline came from but maybe someone can translate it for him! It is certainly a beautiful magazine and he is happy to be a part of it!

Demos Auctioned at The Art League to Benefit Model

Over the last decade model/artist Desi Steward has been a source of great inspiration to so many artists including Rob. Desi has recently been diagnosed with cancer which was a tremendous shock especially considering how young and physically fit he is. Finding and paying for appropriate treatment is especially difficult for most models because health care plans are not offered by the schools and institutions that depend on their hard work. Fellow model Gazelle Powers has created a donation site which can receive contributions to help Desi with his treatment. Donations can be made at
Fellow artist and Art League instructor Susan O’Neil has set up an art auction site which allows participants to bid on artwork All proceeds go directly to Desi’s treatments.
During the September “The Spanish Tradition from Velazquez to Sorolla” workshop at The Art league Rob auctioned his demonstrations which went directly to Desi’s treatment fund set up by Gazelle. The artwork generated almost $10,000. Rob wishes to thank all those who participated in the event which highlighted the generosity of The Art League community and the devotion to our friend Desi. 

Several of Rob’s earlier paintings of Desi: left, oil on panel and right, oil on copper. Below, one of the demos auctioned off at the workshop.

John Singer Sargent Drawing at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts, Paris

While in Paris earlier this month, Rob arranged for The Art League group to see a special collection in the Ecole de Beaux-Arts school gallery. The school’s teaching and influence go back over 350 years. A highlight was seeing this gorgeous study which was drawn by John Singer Sargent while he attended there while studying for Duran. He won a top prize for the drawing in 1877. We also saw the cast he had drawn from (or a copy of it).


Detail of Sargent’s drawing

The actual cast above and a detail of the actual cast below.


We’ve updated the website and added new and larger images plus a section for Rob’s available work. We also have a blog page so if you aren’t on Rob’s Facebook group page, (or even if you are) you can sign up for the latest happenings with the link in the upper left. We’ve also included more information on commissions and on hosting workshops. Thank you and welcome!