Q. How long will the Video Download be available after purchase?

A. The video will be available for download up to five days after purchase. If there are problems downloading within that time frame please contact Liberace Studio at rob (at)

Q. How long will it take my video to download?

A. For faster downloads, avoid peak hours (generally 9am to 6pm in your time zone). The download time can take up to 2 hours depending on the connection speed.

Q. How do I download my purchase?

A. Once you have clicked the "add to cart" button, a screen will appear showing your order. After you have added your information, click "Continue Checkout" and you will be taken to a page which will allow you to make the payment with PayPal or credit card. After purchase you will receive an email from Liberace Studio which includes a link to the downloadable video.

Q. What type of file is the Video Download?

A. The videos are in full 1080p (high definition) and are quite large (between two and four gigabytes) so they will be divided up into two or more parts to improve download time. They are in the mp4 (MPEG-4 Movie) format which is the standard video file for most computers, media players and mobile devices. These files will work with most computers and portable devices. Please make sure your player is up-to-date. If your computer's video player cannot open mp4 files, you can download players such as Quicktime, Windows Media or VLC.

Info for iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) users

Videos cannot be directly downloaded to an iOS device. However, Apple allows videos to be downloaded a Mac or PC desktop, then imported to iTunes and then transferred (synced) from iTunes to the iPad, iPod or iPhone. Instructions below:

Download the video to a home computer (use the PC or Mac references to save a download to your computer as applicable). Open iTunes. Import the movie by choosing “file”, select “add to library” and then locate add open the movie file which will import the movie to the iTunes library. You can also drag and drop the file into the “movies” folder. After the movie is transferred, use the iPad’s USB cable to connect the iPad to your home computer. Choose iPad under list of devices and select the “sync movies” box under the “movies” tab. Select the movie and click “apply.”
After it is transferred, the video download should now be available on the “Videos” app on your iPad and available to use.

Adding movies to iTunes
Adding movies to iPad

Please refer to your iPad manual or iTunes help support for more detailed instructions for your device.

For Android and Blackberry Users:

Android and BlackBerry devices can save files directly to the device. Please be aware that the download speeds of mobile data connections to these devices (3G, 4G ) will be slower, in most cases, than home or office broadband connections. Also, unless you are on a WiFi network you may incur data charges.

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