Some links of places within walking distance are listed below but we also recommend using airbnb (great to share with roomies and most have liberal refund policies) or other sites including Expedia, Green Traveler,  Booking.com , and VRBO. On Airbnb there are also private rooms within homes in Dedham and even an option to divide your stay between two places. We will be happy to help students find roommates with other participants. It is best to reserve ASAP.

Walking distance (from class) Accommodation links :

16th century Marlborough Dedham Hotel/Bed and Breakfast (one minute walk)
Merlyn’s info: All rooms are ensuite and prices include bed and breakfast: 1 x room that has a bath and a shower over it which is £170 per night, All other rooms are ensuite but walk-in showers no bath: 2 x £150 per night, 1 x £130 per night,1 x £110 per night. Note: Friday 18th and Saturday 19th August, all rooms booked for a function, but other than that all 5 rooms are available. So would only suit someone that was happy to move to somewhere else for that Friday night and Saturday. Since the group will be traveling to London on Friday the 18th, perhaps someone would want to stay those two nights in London?

15th century Dedham Hall manor house (seven minute walk) Several students have booked here. There should be one more room available.

Westgate Lodge , Luxury Holiday Cottage (sleeps six, one minute walk)

Sun Inn, Dedham (seven en suite bedrooms, three minute walk).
Merlyn’s info: Room prices are likely to go up in April, the increase is generally around 10 -15%. Our current prices are: £175 for Bed & Breakfast double occupancy, £105 single (Mon -Thu) or £155 single occupancy (Fri & Sat). 
Unfortunately, on single occupancy rooms there is no further discount we can apply due to it already being a discounted rate.Please note that the pub does close on Sunday evenings at 6pm. We are happy to make an exception for Sunday 13th August and Sunday 20th August. However, the public areas to the pub will be shut off at 6pm, but you will of course have a key to still access your room from the back door entrance. If you want somewhere local to explore on Sunday evening, The Marlborough Head is just round the corner from us and stays open later than us on Sundays.

Talbooth House and Spa Boutique Hotel in Dedham (nine minute walk) 

Accommodations for those with access to a car: 

The Thorn in Mistley B&B Charming 18th century coastal inn near the River Stour (12 min drive)

Constable Park, holiday and leisure park (12 min drive)

Premier Inn (15 min drive)

Lifehouse Spa and Hotel (25 min drive)

Airbnb 16th century converted pub, two bedrooms, three beds, 5 stars (four guests, 12 min drive)

Private Airbnb room “Garden Room bath the Old Ale House” $84 per night plus service fee of $156.