Model Photos from the DVDs


In downloading model photos from, you will not share/distribute them in any form (including instructors in their own classes). You may make art using photos as reference for creating traditional art only (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.). Work using the actual photos (i.e. collage, video) is prohibited. Please note: Most art competitions require that submissions must be work in which the original idea is conceived by the artist, so direct copies of another person’s photos may be disqualified.


The Portrait in Watercolor


The Monochromatic Portrait in Watercolor


Figure in Red Chalk


Portrait in Terra Cotta
LINK to model images


Portrait in Three Color Chalk


The Figure in Motion






The Alla Prima Portrait


Grisaille: The Painted Sketch


The Figure Sketch in Oil


Anatomy: The Arm and Hand







Link to Anatomical Diagrams (Arm and Hand)


The Classic Portrait

Pen and Ink