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Ireland Workshop Photo Page, June 2009

drawing by Kevin Rechin

This two-week event took place in the beautiful countryside of County Antrim, Northern Ireland
– an area designated as one of Great Britain’s “Areas of Outstanding Beauty.”
The workshop was held at the gorgeous Limepark Arts and Cottages,
an 18th century farm beautifully restored by John and Melanie Ward.

A favorite painting spot – Murlough Bay just east of Ballycastle.

Rob demos near Fairhead. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentati

Kevin draws above Merlough Bay.

Another fine drawing spot on the edge of Ballycastle – Bonamargy Friary

Margaret at Limepark
Margaret at Limepark. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentari

The students had almost convinced this man with a “great face” to model, but he was too shy! At least he let Gio take his photo with Rob.

Dotti busy at Murlough

Jane working away happily. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentati

Terry looking very happy to be in Ireland. Photo courtesy of Terry O’Day

The entire group at Murlough. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentati

Annie looking for a painting spot at Murlough.

Finding the right spot. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentati

Patty, Jonathan, Kathleen, and Christine at work.

At Murlough Bay, even the parking lot is a sight to behold! Photo courtesy of Annie Compton

Ava and Celia visiting “the dark hedges,” a few miles from Limepark

The Dark Hedges

DunLuce Castle, photo courtesy of Terry O’Day

Patty, Rob and Ava playing on Limepark’s grass court

Carolyn and the girls hanging out in Limepark’s beautiful backyard. (Sorry, but as their mom I can’t help but put in lots of photos of the girls!)

Students exploring Kinbane Castle along Ireland’s northern coast

Drawing at Kinbane Castle.

Braving the cold.

Lena and Patty enjoy the ferry ride. Photo courtesy of Kevin Rechin

Grinning and bearing the cold, wet ferry ride to Rathlin Island

Rob: 1) after getting swamped by a cold wave, 2) laughing about it, and finally,… 3)recovered!
Too bad I missed the shot that came just before these!

Kathleen, enjoying the ferry ride, despite the waves

Chris, our fun-loving-Irish-sea-captain-fisherman-model, and his dog escorting us across to Rathlin Island. Photo courtesy of Kevin Rechin

A view of the bird sanctuary, on the coast of Rathlin, where we saw puffins and other sea birds

The Rathlin sea lions keeping busy (in a sea lion sort of way).

Jonathan finds an out-of-the-way spot to paint on Rathlin.

Patty Rice paints on Rathlin.

Janetta painting on Rathlin.

Annie paints on Rathlin Island, accompanied by Celia.

John sketching on the south coast of Rathlin.

Roadside attractions always make the country drives interesting.

Annie Compton’s photo of a Rose at Limepark.

Kevin at Limepark
“What’s it supposed to be?”

Lena’s tiny floral. “It’s not finished yet” she warns. That’s OK, its still beautiful, Lena!

Maire (Grandma) Liberace pays Limepark a visit!

Patty studying her almost completed painting

Kathleen painting. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Lee.

We found a whole lot of shearing going on at Collier’s Hall. Cousin Girard hired these two shearers for the day. They were laughing after being asked if they were brothers. Certainly not! They didn’t seem to realize that aside from similar hair and skin color and being dressed alike, they even shared the same mannerisms!

Rob gives a landscape demo. Photo courtesy of Kevin Rechin

A boat leaving Ballintoy Harbor. Photo courtesy of Annie Compton

Joan’s husband Harvey came along for the Golf – and the fine dining? Photo by Margaret Cerutti

Kevin and Kathleen each participated in some Irish pub singing with the locals! Photo courtesy of Kevin Rechin

The group at the restaurant Quay 26 next to the harbor. Photos courtesy of Gio Argentati

A rainy day at Ballycastle Harbor.

Students at work at Limepark

Lena and Rob discuss her painting.

A grisaille demo by Rob

Students finally learn the truth about what is really under those kilts….
superman underwear!! (Sorry, Chris, but it has to be told.)

Portrait work at Limepark

Gio finds time to hang out with the beautys and the beasts (on the grass roof at Limepark and in Cushendunn).

Mary on the shore near Dunluce Castle. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentati

Gio and Carolyn with Limepark’s John (We got to see him in his pilot’s uniform).

Susan, Joan and Harvey relaxing after lunch. (Harvey doesn’t really go around standing on tables. He just makes it look like he does. Don’t worry Joan!)

Alexis, Janetta, Kathleen and Debbie and Gio painting Fairhead.

Kevin painting near Fairhead

…and then there was this.

Rainbow above the harbor. Courtesy of Jonathan Lee

Rainbow near Limepark. What else would you expect in Ireland?

Jonathan and friends. Photo courtesy of Gio Argentati

Photos by Lina Liberace unless otherwise noted. Many thanks to those who submitted their photographs for this page.

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