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Robert Liberace Show at the Arcadia Gallery,
New York City, March 13, 2010

The show was a great success, despite the terrible wind and rain outside. Thanks for everyone who ventured out to see Rob’s figure work and a special thank you to Steve Diamant and his staff for putting up a wonderful show.


Rob with a patron when the show was winding down.

Rob did a demo (fiirst time this was done at Arcadia Gallery) during the show. It drew a nice crowd.

Rob’s finished demo. People remarked how he was drawing with extra “gusto.”
He said that the shellack on the paper was extra thick so he had to draw as heavily as he cold to get the chalk to stick!

Rob and Lina towards the end of the six hour opening. Tired but happy!

Dorian, Patricia and Rob

Cindy showed up early and bought her favorite painting.

Steve Diamant, the gallery owner/founder is in the burgundy sweater.

Ava and Celia

Our friend Jerry with Tamera and Rob, putting on his “gallery” face.

Tamera, Lina, Andrea, and Cat


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