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Ireland with Robert Liberace

Photos from the Painting Workshop in Northern Ireland, September 2005

(See the American Artist Magazine, Workshop issue, Spring 2006 for a complete article on the trip.)

This two-week event took place in the beautiful countryside of County Antrim, Northern Ireland – an area designated as one of Great Britain’s “Areas of Outstanding Beauty.”The workshop was held at the gorgeous Limepark Arts Centre, the restored 18th century farm pictured below. Students stayed at the cottages in Limepark or at Collier’s Hall Bed and Breakfast.


Limepark provided a wonderful place to hold class plus provided beautifully renovated cottages where many of the students resided.

Colliers Hall

Colliers Hall, an 18th century working farm owned and operated by Gerard and Maureen McCarry (passed down through generations), provided bed and breakfast accomadation to over half the students. Gerard is first cousin to Rob’s mother. Above, the Liberaces pose with the McCarry family.

Gerard poses with his horse and buggy for the students to draw.

Maureen gathering rhubarb out back for one of her delicious treats.

Some of Gerard and Maureen McCarry’s horses (one of Gio’s beautiful shots – you can tell he is an early riser!).

What would Rob do without his wonderful and talented assistant Marjorie?

…and what would Marjorie do without fellow art students who take photos rather than rescue her from wild animals?

Victoria painting in one of the many niches of Dun Luce Castle. Beth and Neil working at Limepark.
Special thanks to Reece for taking so many beautiful images of the students working!

Bonamargy Friary, across the road from Colliers Hall was a favorite spot. Some of Rob’s ancestors (the Hunters) are buried here.

Jessica and Pam painting along the North Ireland Sea at Murlough

Gloria, Carmen, and Steve sketch at Murloch Bay, with Fairhead in the background.

Ballycastle “Diamond” or town square. Rob’s Grandma Keena, now 102, grew up in the buildings to the right.

“I’m tryin’ to work here!” (Gavin’s animal magnetism at work) …..Nikki, the Colliers Hall cat-in-residence keeping watch….

They’re everywhere!

Kevin and Neil at Murlough Bay.

Ava fascinated by the countryside with mom (Lina). ..
Celia posing sweetly at Broughanlea Road (the dark hedges, or “dok edges” as they say in Ireland).

Rob takes a break to work on his sketchbook at Limepark. . Lesa painting out at Bona Margy friary.

Lydia gets a ride on the Limepark pony with help from her father, Igor (mom, Victiora is a workshop student), and Melanie Ward of Limepark.

Nilda and Patty at work.

Pam M. working on becoming a “true Irishman”The place abounds with pubcrawlers! Pam H., Jeanette and Marjorie)

The pubcrawlers are taking over! Who let that child in here? (L to R, Steve, Gio, Carolyn, Dave, Kevin, Mary, Pam)

Steve’s “rainbow” photo. No Photoshop here!… only in Ireland do they look like this! Lydia exploring on the beach.

Celia and Gio monkey around at Limepark.

The group in the gallery at Limepark.

Steve hamming it up and who… Gulliver? Oh, it’s just Kevin!


Cousin Danny schmoozes wth the ladies (Marjorie and Pam) after giving the class a hair-raising tour to the top of Fairhead.

Dasa climbs the rock formations at Giant’s Causeway.

Lina’s dad models at Limepark.

While dad works, mom (Mary Chesak) hits a “car boot” sale!….Jessica becomes (more than?) friends with cousin Girard’s horse.

Gio, Gavin, and Rob looking out to Rathlin Island and Scotland.

Five year old Celia Liberace makes a dash through the dark hedges.

Many thanks those who submitted their photographs for this page: Gio Argentati, Reece Pierce, Carmen Martinez, Steve Smith, David Chesak, Beth Schott.


Gallery of work produced in Ireland

Beth Schott

Dasa Pierce

Kevin Rechin (sketchbook images)

Gio Argentati

Francis Vecchi

Jessica Honigberg

Patty McMahon Rice

Marjorie Forques

Pam Holland

Pam McDonough

Victoria McGrath

Dean Manis

Lesa Cook

Kevin Rechin

Gavin Glakas

Beth Schott

Patty McMahon Rice


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