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Images from London, April 2011

“London: Through the Eyes of the Artist” with Robert Liberace, April 17-25, 2011

We had fantastic weather, a wonderful group, and visited amazing art museums including the National Gallery of London, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, The British Museum, The Queen’s Collection at Buckingham Palace and even a private tour of the Print and Drawing room in the Tate. We were only allowed to take photos in some of the museums, but still managed to put to gather quite a nice photo collection.

So much history and so much art! We drew and painted at the Tower Bridge, Saint James’ and Regent’s Park. And thanks to Magaret’s incredible ability to pull strings, we spent about three hours taking in a lavish private tour of Buckingham Palace’s grand rooms, finishing up with a champagne toast to Prince William and his new bride. The last part was a bit surreal for all!

This said, the highlight of the trip for most of us was spending an afternoon in the Tite Street studio where John Singer Sargent painted for forty years. The talented painter has also lived and worked in this studio for about forty years. He and his lovely wife Serena graciously allowed our group to visit with them in this extraordinary place. In true London fashion, Serena prepared cucumber sandwiches and elderflower water for all 26 of us! Julian had lots of great stories to tell. And if the walls could talk, we would have heard a few stories about the great masterpieces painted (including the painting of British actress Ellen Terry shown below) in this most amazing studio.

As always, thanks to Margaret Cerutti of The Art League of Virginia for her hard work incoordinating all of it and thanks to the group for being so easygoing and energetic, despite a very packed schedule!Images compiled and taken by Lina Liberace with some by Margaret Cerutti.


London street (from the top of a double decker bus) in prepararion for the royal wedding.


William Holman Hunt’s “Stranded Sheep” 1854 in the Tate Gallery


This Sargent painting of Ellen Terry was painted in the studio we would later visit.


The Tate Gallery’s Pre-Raphaelite room.


Sargent’s “Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose” at the Tate Gallery


Celia, Ava and Lena trying on cosumes at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Bernini at the Victoria and Albert Museum


Giambologna statue at the Victoria and Albert Museum.


The group awaiting entry into Buckingham Palace


The Queen’s Gallery


Margaret in heaven after spending the afternoon in Buckingham Palace


Jeanette, Janet and Marianne enjoy a night out.


May enjoying London fare.




Lina and Ava in front of Parliament


St James Park across from Buckingham Palace.


One of many types of wildfowl at the park.


Marianne and Marie drawing at Regent’s Park


Celia and Ava join in at Saint James Park.


Drawing the lake at Saint James Park.


Buckingham Palace from Saint James Park. The green awning has been set up for the royal wedding (The group flew out just before the wedding).


The group awaiting entry into Buckingham Palace


The ever present crows at the Tower of London…… OK, so this one was taken at Stonehenge, but he fits in nicely here.
We’ll let him represent The Tower crows since he was so good to pose.


Kicked out by a big Beefeater. We closed the place down.


Rob’s inking of the Tower Bridge


Jill doing a nice inking.


Part of the group drawing the Tower Bridge.


A view from the north Bank of the Thames.


Sagent’s Tite Street London Studio


Visiting with Julian Barrow, the artist who owns and works in the studio which belonged to John Singer Sargent. Mr. Barrow, it should be mentioned, flew into London that morning and had to fly out that evening and yet he and his wife Serena still made time in their busy schedule to warmly host 26 inquisitive Americans. Wow!


I think Mr. Barrow may just have more old paintbrushes than Rob!


The gilded arch in the background was brought back from Venice by Sarent. Mr. Barrow assembled it for their home. Now that is a souvineer!


Serena Barrow serving cucumber sandwiches.


Margaret and Rob at the Tite Street Studio.


The group walking down Tite Street. Other notable residents included James McNeill Whistler and Oscar Wilde.


Celia and Ava on the fence at Regent’s Park


Jill, Mary Anne and Randy hard at work in Regent’s Park.


Aime-Jules Dalou’s “Peasant Woman Nursing a Baby” in the Victoria Albert


Alfred Drury’s “Age of Innocence” in the Victoria Albert


George Richmond’s drawing of Henry Walter, 1829 in the Victoria Albert


Rob was interviewed near Buckingham Palace by a Texas television station. Now we know how he really feels abou the royal wedding!


gentle giants


Marie in Saint James’ park.


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