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Images from Rome, March 2010

“Rome: Through the Eyes of the Artist” with Robert Liberace, March 29 – April 4, 2010

Thanks to the very special group of people who made this a wonderful trip.

Again, special thanks to Margaret Cerruti of the Art League for working so hard to coordinate this fantastic week! And thanks to those of you who sent photos!

Images compiled and taken (unless otherwise specified) by Lina Liberace.


Rome skyline from the Borghese gardens.

The halls of the Vatican Museum leading to the Sistine Chapel

An unusual painting by Andrea Gastaldi, 1875. Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, which proved to be a favorite stop. 

The entrance to the amazing Caravaggio exhibit. Too bad we couldn’t take photos inside! Photo by Attie Wheeler.

Kamelia plays dress-up with the Romans. Photo by Attie Wheeler.

Raphael fresco inside the Vatican Museum

Ernesto Biondi’s “I Saturnali” inside the courtyard of the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna

Amazing tiles in the church “Santa Maria Del Popolo”, the setting for two magnificent Caravaggios.
No photos allowed but we snuch this one in.

Inside the Raphael Stanze at the Vatican

Ava thinking happy thoughts in a piazza near the Pantheon

Good food everywhere you look!

Morning light in Rome

. Photo by May Gwinn

May, Terry, Marianne, Gwen, Michelle enjoy lunch

Studying the paintings in the Doria Pamphilj Gallery

Liberace family waiting for lunch. Photo by Diane Scott.

Bob, Sharon and Kamelia

Ava and Celia enjoying gelato and one of Rome’s famous aqueduct-fed wells.

Atti’s photo of two happy bakers

Part of the group went to see Pope Benedict XV

Standing in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica. Photo courtesy of Gwen White

One of the ever-watchful Swiss Guard in front of the Vatican. Photo by Margaret Cerutti.

Studing the paintings at the Doria Pamphilj

You never know what you might find (or what might find you) in the churches of Rome!

May standing in front of the Forum

Detail from Valentin de Boulogne’s painting in the Vatican Museum

Randy, Jill and Margaret enjoy lunch. Photo by Atti Wheeler

One of many amazing works of art in the “modern” museum, the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna.

Detail of Postigliones’s painting “La Contessa”

Chris and Sally

Looking outside the window at the Vatican Museum

The girls holding on to the toes of one of the larger statues we found.

Santa Maria Maggiore’s gilded ceiling

Attie, Kamelia, Margaret and Terry taking a break in the Vatican Museum’s courtyard.

Norma, Celia, Rob, Mary Anne, Chris, Ava, and Sally in the foreground and Jeanette, Diane, Janet and Marie at the next table.

A few brave souls dared to put their hands into the mouth of the Bocca Della Verita. Photo courtesy of May Gwinn

The group is unexpectedly serenaded at a local restaurant

Inside the Colluseum. Photo by Bob Park

Marie and Curtis enjoying Rome. Photo by May Gwinn

“St Eulalia” by Franceschi, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna

Celia, Ava and a guard at the Vatican “Hall of Emperors”

Bernini modeli in the Vatican Museum. Photo by Bob Park

Kamelia and Atti enjoy the forum

Celia fitting right in to a Garden of Eden painting at the Vatican

Looking at the Belvedere Torso in the Vatican Musuem after the crowds had dispersed. Photo by Bob Park

Photo by Margaret Cerutti

Rob intensely explaining something as we neared the Sistine Chapel. Photo by Margaret Cerutti

The group gathering outside the Pantheon. Photo by May Gwinn

Morelli’s “The Temptation of St. Anthony” at the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome.

Tasty looking vingette taken by Margaret Cerutti

Sistine Chapel ceiling

Viewing the Sistine Chapel

Rome skyline from the Borghese Gardens

Rob and I loved this photo May took of the girls. I don’t mean overload this page with photos of them but they were such
great little posers, you have no idea how I’ve restrained myself!

spiral staicase in the Vatican Museum. Photo by Bob Parks

Michelle at the Vatican museum

Some of the ladies at dinner. Photo courtesy of Margaret Cerutti

Lina, Rob and Ava taken by Celia. Funny, we didn’t notice the grafitti till we saw the photo on our computer!
(We have noticed an amazing amount of “public displays of affection” all over Italy – this must be their creedo!”

May took this beautiful photo.

Standing in front of one of many grand paintings in the Vatican Museum

One of the bridges leading to Vatican City

Forum Arch
Spectacular photo of an arch in the Forum by Bob Park

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