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Images from the Venice Trip

“The Venetian Experience: Through the Eyes of the Artist”
with Robert Liberace, March 16 – 24, 2008

Thanks to the wonderful group for sharing this experience.
Also, special thanks to Margaret Cerruti of the Art League for working so hard to arrange this wonderful trip!


The view of gondolas just outside our hotel.

The group outide our hotel near San Marco Square. Photo by Bob Park.

Inside the Frari before Titian’s radiant “Assumption”

The water ambulance in action. Photo by Bob Park

An old building on Tordcello, an outlying lagoon island.

Another Great Titian at the Frari

San Marco Square

One of the many small canals.

Several Domenico Tiepolo murals in the Ca’ Rezzonico, one of the great palaces fronting the Grand Canal.

Linda and Celia sharing a sketchbook in the Accadamia museum.

The “vaparetto” – our daily transportation on the Grande Canal.

Watching the Murano glass blowers.

One of the glass chandeliers for salw in a Murano glass factory. Photo by Pam McDonough.

The gondolier at work.

Below Tiepolo at the Carmini

Celia trying on a Venetian hat outside one of the many shops.

The crew visiting the Accadamia Art Museum.

The main entrance at San Marco. Photo courtesy of Pam McDonough.

A Sargeant-esque shot of the Piazza San Marco.

A view from the Grande Canal showing the Campanile (bell tower) and the Doge’s Palace.

The group fine dining in Venice near San Marco.

Diane, Ava and group in the Accadamia.

One of many colorful facades.

Gondoliers on the Grande Canal. Photo by Pam McDonough.

Lina and girls in front of one of the colorful homes in Burano, a lagoon island.

A night view from the water taxi at night.

Everything arrives by boat. Photo by Bob Park.

Sunset. Photo by Pam McDonough.

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