Robert Liberace Visiting Instructor Contract

This agreement is between Robert Liberace (instructor) and ______________________________________ (school).

The instructor agrees to teach the agreed upon workshop for ____ days from (date)__________ to (date)__________.

Classes will run each day from 9am to 4pm (or standard class times) with a one hour lunch break unless otherwise agreed.

General Workshop Information:

Tuition fees are to be determined by the school. General class size is no more than 20 students but in certain cases (depending on room size, additional models and an assistant being present) up to 30 students are acceptable. However, if the workshop was advertised as having a limited number of students, extra students above that number will not be allowed. Extra models may need to be hired depending on class size and classroom shape . The school will provide the model(s) and a clean, safe, and adequately lighted environment in which the workshop will take place. Model requirements should be discussed ahead of time with the instructor.

Class Materials:

A materials list will be supplied by the instructor. This can be emailed or found on instructor’s website. The instructor will be allowed to offer his tutorial videos and demonstrations for sale during the workshop. This will be done a subtle and non-agressive manner.


On occasion the instructor is accompanied by an able assistant who will help out with class set-up, lighting, etc., or possibly take photos or footage of instructor demos, which will often be available to the students once the class is over. The assistant will not pay tuition but will not incur expenses to the hosting school. The school will be notified ahead of time if an assistant is needed or will attend.

Photography and Filming:

Students and the school are free to take photos of the instructor demonstrations. Shooting videos of demonstrations by the students or school is generally not allowed unless previously arranged with the instructor. Models cannot be photographed unless arranged with the model beforehand.


Instructor is usually available to do a painting or drawing demonstration open to the public (or those invited by the school) in the evening after a day of class. Details to be worked out between the instructor and the school.


Instructor is responsible for making his/her own travel arrangements (doing his best to find reasonable prices) unless otherwise agreed. The school will reimburse the instructor for travel expenses which include airfare, luggage fees, and transportation to and from the airport(s) when valid receipts are submitted to the school. School will provide transportation or pay for all or part of a rental car if needed for the instructor to get to and from class if necessary. If the instructor travels by car (rather than by air), the school will reimburse the instructor .50 cents per mile for each mile traveled to and from the workshop destination.


School agrees to pay for a hotel or otherwise provide lodging for the instructor for each night necessary to teach the workshop (and occasionally the night following depending on flights). Occasionally the instructor will bring family and they will stay in the same accommodations, but the school is not responsible for their travel or other expenses.


All upcoming workshops and demos are listed at (unless otherwise agreed), and in his periodic email newsletters. Instructor can also post it on “The Robert Liberace Group” page needed. We have an email list of students and artists who have expressed interest in attending his workshops, to which instructor can send out information.

Independent Contractor and Instructor Fee:

The instructor agrees to teach as an independent contractor of the school. The school will agree to pay $2000 per day plus travel expenses.

Cancellation and Liability:

If a minimum enrollment of _____ students has not been met _____ days prior to the start date of the workshop, the workshop can be cancelled by either the school or instructor with neither party liable. The instructor shall not be liable for any damages resulting from bodily injury, ill health of instructor or immediate family member, or acts of God, (fire, flood, wind, etc.). The school is not responsible for any damages to materials/painting etc., due to acts of God, etc.

Instructor’s Signature ___________________________________________ Date ____________________

School Signature______________________________________________  Date ____________________